K. M. Kroski A Web & Mobile Developer

Hey, I'm Kris. I'm a full stack web and iOS developer based in Chicago. I love building fast, scalable and secure applications that do interesting things for interesting people. I'm primarily focused in PHP, but Node.js is fun and I've been totally blown away by Swift. And, I'm a bit of a beer snob.

From 9 to 5, I'm a Senior Web Developer at Earlybird, where I build smart, data-driven applications for a variety of awesome clients. From 5 to 9, I'm the CTO and co-founder of Wayv, a professional business introduction and connection app for iOS, and Pocco, a new take on dating apps that combines elements of Snapchat with Tinder.

What Have I Built?

Possible Startups
Ever hear someone describe their startup with the phrase "it's like ___ but for ___?" My girlfriend and I came up with a way to generate these. This is a simple, single page Javascript web application built for speed. It works excellently on mobile also.

Game It
This simple webapp uses the live feed from your camera to simulate the output of the venerated Game Boy Camera in your browser. You can save the resulting image, making one of the most unique selfies ever.

Word Thing
A game where you find all of words that contain a certain syllable. You can refresh the page to get a new syllable and your current progress will be saved. Beware, some syllables are in a ton of words!

Terrible Words and Horrible People
Crowdsourcing Cards Against Humanity! You pick your favorite card, and if it's one of the more popular choices, you'll earn some points.

A Million Little Taps
Do you know how much is a million? A millon dollars? A million bytes? A million feet? What if you had to tap a button one million times? A Million Little Taps is a simple app that lets you tap your way to glory. (Confession: I haven't made it to one million yet...)

Hi Lo Red Black
Hi Lo Red Black is one of my earliest single page web apps. It's a simple implementation of a common card game, and it's designed for mobile.

What Do I Know?

PHP, Javascript, MySQL, HTML(5), CSS(3), Swift, Objective C, Ruby, Python

Apache, Nginx, Passenger, Node.js and Express, Rails, LAMP, MEAN

Selected Frameworks
Laravel, CodeIgniter, WordPress, Zend 1 and 2, Slim, Angular, Express

Tools and Libraries
Grunt, Bower, NPM, Docker, Ansible, Composer, Cocoapods, jQuery, Backbone.js, Sockets.io, Git, Sublime Text, Firebase, Parse

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