K. M. Kroski A Full-Stack Web Developer

Hey, I'm Kris. I'm a full stack web developer based in Chicago. I love building fast, scalable, and secure applications that do interesting things for interesting people. I'm primarily focused in PHP and Python, but Javascript is fun and I've been totally blown away by Swift.

Outside of work, I enjoy 3D printing, creating video and board games, and learning about microcontrollers. Also, I'm a bit of a beer snob.

What do I know?


  • PHP
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Swift
  • SQL


  • Laravel and Lumen
  • Vue
  • Flask
  • Pandas
  • Bootstrap
  • Vuetify
  • Express


  • Backends: Apache, Nginx, Node.js, Passenger, LAMP
  • Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redshift, RDS
  • Tools: Git, SSH, Composer, NPM, Bower, Grunt, Ubuntu, OSX
  • AWS: Amplify, EC2, S3, Lambda, Redshift, RDS, IAM, Cognito, Elastic Beanstalk

What have I built?

The Architect

A web game where players stack moving blocks to build a structure. It's designed for mobile devices, but works great on desktops too. How high can you build?


This is one part of a series of games that exclude many of the annoyances of modern mobile games (notifications, ads, in-app purchases, etc.). It's a simple, clean implemention of the classic dice game, and the game implements high scores and UI customization.


A Wordle-inspired game where players arrange 12 letters to spell four words along the sides of a square. Each letter can only be used once, and a puzzle may have multiple solutions...


This is another part of a series of games that exclude many of the annoyances of modern mobile games. In this game, your goal is to remove all the blocks from the screen. However, you can only remove blocks that are adjecent to other blocks with the same color.

Puzzle 15

This is an implementation of the popular Fifteen Puzzle. It's built in Vue with Tailwind CSS, and uses CSS for all animations. It's also a PWA, so it can be installed on your phone or computer.

Gameboy Camera Simulator

This web app simulates an old-school Gameboy camera by applying a live filter to the video feed from your webcam. It runs entirely in the browser and allows the user to download a high-res photo. Note: There are issues with Chrome on iOS...

E-Steps Calculator

This simple web app helps you calibrate your 3D printer's e-steps. Because I'm constantly changing filaments, I needed a quick, mobile-friendly e-step calculator for an accurate flow rate. This web app is built with React and Tailwind.

Drum Machine

This web app is a simple sequencer and drum machine. It has a customizable grid for a variable number of tracks and sounds. The playback tempo can be changed, and each sample's pitch can be shifted. The samples are from a collection of retro video game sounds.


This continues the simple game series. It's a clean, basic implemention of everyone's favorite numbers game.

Lite's Out

This continues the simple game series. It's an implemention of Light's Out, a game where you have to turn off all of the lights in a room. Each puzzle is solvable, but some can be challenging.

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